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Cellar Rats Brewery - Established in 2008

Cellar Rats Brewery began this journey in November of 2007 utilizing a 3 BBL direct fire system with mash tun and hot liquor tank all in one unit. The system was shipped and assembled to turnout its first Ratbrew in May in 2008. Debonne Vineyards is first winery in Ohio to add a micro-brewery to its operation.

Our brew house system came from Franklin county, PA where it was sitting for over two years just waiting to be used. Throughout 2007 and 2008 winter the system was dismantled and shipped and re-assembled to turnout our first Ratbrew beer in May of 2008.

Our Ratbrew beer styles are created to provide you, our beer-drinking friends, with fresh, fun and interesting choices. We draw on numerous brewing traditions to make our beers, but we always add our own “interpretation” of how the styles can be best matched from our taste to your tastes. Our signature Ratbrew beers are brewed from scratch, using the finest malted barley and aromatic hops. We never filter away the character of our beer that is served at the peak of freshness.

We invite all of you to visit our brewery, where it all began in Madison, Ohio. You will see a commitment to brewing excellence and receive a warm greeting. Thank you for appreciating great Ratbrew beer and for your continued support.

Cheers from the crew at Cellar Rats Brewery!!!


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Ratbrew Beer

Classic Ratbrew

Signature Ratbrew

Our classic signature Ratbrew beers are served year round. True to brewing tradition and history, classic Ratbrew beers include various Ales, Wheat/American Hefeweizen, and Porter/Stouts.

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Seasonal Ratbrew

Seasonal Ratbrew

Totally driven by a passion to make richly flavored beers, our Cellar Rats Brewery brewers continually strive to create new beer experiences. Brewers provide hybrids of both lagers and ales to best match your tastes seasonally.

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