Rat Brew was born from love and passion way back in 1970. It is a family owned business that is crafting beers and providing a taste of the history for many decades now. We have the desire to prove that our beer is made with the finest local ingredients that are all organic not only to gain attention but to make people experience how the beer in the past era tasted like. We do this in hopes of preserving the history of our beer and our family for years to come.

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We started being just as a small brewery in Nevada with a small beer garden where visitors can sit in and enjoy our handcrafted beers. You can see clearly how dedicated we are in terms of crafting our beers in the way we are delivering our products ourselves to every part of the states. That is an act of passion and a part of our giving service to our customers. We invite you to come along with us and experience the taste of the history of beer in Rat Brew and enjoy the passion we have to offer.

Our founder and owner is a long-time homebrewer in the locality since the 1960s. To make a living, he became a specialist in beverages in Nevada. But later on, he realized that instead of spending his time making other people’s dreams of owning a bar or restaurant or brewery come true, he talked to his wife about his desire to start a brewery of his own. So, in 1970 Rat Brewery was born. He managed to grow it with the help of his wife and his parents. Later on, the brewery was passed on to his two sons and now it just keeps growing and growing. It also became recognized and since then, has received various awards both locally and internationally.

Rat Brew is not just a brewery, it also a restaurant and a bar which serves a variety of menus that perfectly suit on the taste of their beer and liquors. Moreover, they also giving back to the community by donating parts of their income on the less fortunate.