At Rat Brewery, we get asked a lot of questions about our beers and about us. Here you’ll find the answers to all the questions asked most often. Feel free to ask more if you still have questions.

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Q: When did Rat Brew start their business?

A: Rat Brewery brewed its first batch in 1970.

Q: Do you make Ales or Lagers beer?

A: We make every craft brews including ales and lager beers.

Q: Where do you get your grain?

A: Our grain comes from our farm. When we first started the business, we were using the local fine grain. But now, we already have our own farm to make sure that all are planted and grown well. Grain is malted before it is used to produce beer and we are using our own malt house that has existed for years, allowing us to make consistent and high-quality beers.

Q: Do you ever use other locally grown grain?

A: We have used some of the locally grown grain provided to us by some farmers before.

Q: Do you filter your beer?

A: Filtering our beer depends on the type of it. We do not filter any of our hop-forward brews. While other beers are well filtered, some depend on what it tastes like.

  1. Do you have a restaurant or a bar where we can stay and enjoy your beers?
  2. Yes, we have! We are open every day from 6 PM – 11 PM every day. Remember that in our bar, we do not close during holidays but the brewery is closed on weekends and holidays.
  1. Do you deliver beers outside the country?
  2. Absolutely. We are delivering not only in the area of Nevada but we also export our beers outside the states and internationally. If you are living outside the states, you can still enjoy our beers in your areas.