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One loyal friend is worth ten thousand relatives.” - Euripides, Greek Poet

Whether you get together with your friends or your relatives to enjoy Ratbrew beer, Cellar Rats Brewery shouts out


We love to showoff our Ratbrew friends. So have fun browsing our gallery of Ratbrew slideshows. If you’re inspired to send us a photo for the world to see, then feel free to use our Facebook site. We will post them on our Ratbrew Facebook page and may even send out some swag for the best ones we get.

Ratbrew Beer

Classic Ratbrew

Signature Ratbrew

Our classic signature Ratbrew beers are served year round. True to brewing tradition and history, classic Ratbrew beers include various Ales, Wheat/American Hefeweizen, and Porter/Stouts.

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Seasonal Ratbrew

Seasonal Ratbrew

Totally driven by a passion to make richly flavored beers, our Cellar Rats Brewery brewers continually strive to create new beer experiences. Brewers provide hybrids of both lagers and ales to best match your tastes seasonally.

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