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Rat Brewery Fest | beers | TESTIMONIALS | brewery in Nevada

“I have been in Rat Brew last week when I visited my friend in Nevada. She introduced me to this place and we had drinks for a few hours. I love how the food compliments the taste of their beers. It seems that they mastered it first before serving their customers. I will definitely go back to this place as soon as I visit my friend again. Rat Brew is really a recommended place. Cheers!”

“Their years in crafting beers made their products perfect. I live near Rat Brew and this is my usual hangout place with my friends. We usually go here on Friday and Saturday evening to have a break from work. The sounds, atmosphere, and the taste of beer make the bar perfect. We love this place and we’ll always choose this over other bars in Nevada every time. We suggest that if you’d ever come to the states to not miss out on visiting Rat Brewery as it has a lot more to offer.”

“Rat Brewery is the best of all. Every year, we are attending the Rat Brew Fest. We are enjoying the things they are offering from the souvenirs, music, food, and most of all the overflowing drinks. Come and experience the fest. You will miss the incredible and big party event of the year if you do not come. “

“Rat Brew Fest! I am so excited to come again to the biggest party of the year in Nevada. We, my friends already brought tickets as early as possible because we do not want to miss this party every year. Lots of fun and music awaits. Definitely worth attending.”