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    Common Garage Door Problems

    Garage door repair is a common problem for most of us. There are several problems that can encounter the performance of the garage door. Having one of these can be frustrating to work and dangerous to handle. Most of the garage door problems can be avoided by taking some general maintenance activities. A garage door expert should be called if the door is neglected for too long. Following are the common garage door problems that will happen. As always it is good that a professional and best repair for a broken garage door should be called to handle the situation if you have any doubts about your skills and garage door structure.

    If the garage door is unbalanced, it may raise or lower unevenly. In this case, the misaligned tracks are responsible. Clean the garage door tracks to allow the rollers to run smoothly. However, if the garage door tracks are found clean and free from any obstructions, then inspect the garage door springs to make sure that they are properly mounted on the sides of the garage door. If you find broken or loose springs, replace it immediately to provide a required amount of tension to a garage door.

    Stuck garage door

    A stuck garage door can be caused by a broken garage door springs or unbalanced tracks. Once you ensure that garage door tracks are in good condition, you have to lubricate all the moving parts that run along the tracks. it is important to keep in mind that weather plays a significant role in the demand for lubrication throughout the year. Cleaning and lubricating all the moving parts will help the garage door to work efficiently. But if the garage door is creating an issue due to loose spring or cable, a garage door technician should be called to deal with the problems.

    Garage door remote fails to operate

    You might be thinking that the garage door opener failed. The first thing that should be evaluated before dealing with the opener is to check the power of batteries of the remote. Make sure that the garage door opener should be plugged in and remote has enough power. After inspecting the garage door tracks and sensors to ensure that they are in good condition. It is time to replace the batteries of the garage door remote. If it does not work, call a professional to deal with the problems.

    Garage door drops immediately

    The garage door may fall suddenly while opening. It generally happens due to broken garage door springs or cables. In this case, it is wise to call a garage door technician to fix the issue because handling the broken garage door springs can be dangerous. It will cause serious injuries if handled without proper tools and training.
    At the bottom, garage door repair is an obvious thing to happen but there are some garage door maintenance techniques that should be used to avoid the potential garage door repair problems. So it is good to schedule a garage door maintenance routine to clean and lubricate all the moving parts like, hinges, rollers, and tracks of the garage door. It is strongly recommended that contact a professional technician to fix these issues.

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    Rat Brewery Fest

    Welcome to Rat Brewery website! We are excited to say the good news to you. Rat Brewery Fest is just around the corner and that means another big event and a huge party coming soon. All of us here at Rat Brewery are so excited about this event! Another new year, new flavors, new ticket options, new food, new music, and a new band. Expect that it’s going to be another great event of Rat Brewery.

    Rat Brewery Fest | beers | flavored drinks | brewery in Nevada

    We have completed all the things we need to do and we are just waiting for a few days to come to start our party. We already have a date, venue, Rat Brewery souvenirs, posters, Rat Brewery flavored drinks and a newsletter for everyone who wants to come. We strive to have the best Rat Brewery Fest Event every year. So we are expecting you to join this incredible and memorable event we have this year.

    There are so many things you can look forward to for this year’s Rat Brewery Fest Event. Aside from our carefully handcrafted beers, we are releasing 10 new flavors of Rat Beers in the event this year so we are expecting everyone to have a blast. We will introduce flavors such as Mango, Apple, Coconut, Creamy Vanilla, Salted Caramel, Chocolate, Strawberry, Pineapple, and Cola. We will also be bringing back some our recent flavors due to insistent demand. Cocktails, beer and some other liquors from Rat Brew will be available that day.

    For tickets, we have two options for you to choose from. The first one is the Unlimited Ticket which cost $25. It includes Rat Brew souvenir and unlimited samples of Rat Brew flavors throughout the event but each sample has a limited oz per flavor. The other option is the Regular Ticket which cost $10 which includes Rat Brew souvenir and a few samples of Rat Brew flavors. Put your things down and get your car down the road this coming fest. Also, make sure that you have a smooth operating garage door in Nevada to have an enjoyable and peaceful party experience.

     Rat Brewery Fest | beers | Delicious food catered Beer | brewery in Nevada

    Every year, we want the food to always be different from one another. So, we see to it that we contact food trucks or food stalls that we have never met before. We find those that are new in the business yet the food they are serving is already the talk of the town. You will be surprised at how incredibly delicious the food offered by our chosen providers are when you come and join the Rat Brew Fest. This year, they are even putting together a special menu, including dessert, just for our event! We are very sure that you’re going to love it!

    Not only we are having delicious food catered, but we are also having great music from the popular bands in the USA! They will be playing live during the event from 6:30 – 11:00. This is your chance to hear live your favorite bands on the stage only here at Rat Brew Fest. If you haven’t heard them yet then join us! Live music, great food, incredible, awesome drinks and more are going to be experienced here.

    Hurry! Get your tickets now before they are sold out! We have limited tickets to offer and we don’t want you to miss it. If you have any questions about Rat Brew Fest, please feel free to contact us! You can reach us in two options, email or give us a call.